Nine Clues Your Poker Strategy Has Holes

Anything that is too much is bad for us, so the saying goes. This also applies for poker. You might know a ton about the game, played thousands of hands, but too much confidence can do some bad stuff in your game. Check out the list below for signs that you might have a problem with your poker game.

  1. Playing substandard hands can be one of the most expensive mistakes that you can commit in poker. If you have the habit of playing low suited connectors and waiting for the flop, then you got a problem.
  2. Ace. So what. If you play every Ace that you get without thinking hard if it is coupled with another good card, then you have another leak to seal off.
  3. If you know that your opponent has a hand that can beat your cards and still you push ahead then you might just give away your chips and save some time.
  4. When you always want to be sure and end up as a calling station.
  5. Backing down off a big pot when you have some doubt that your hand can be better than your opponents.
  6. Playing the same kind of game all the time regardless of the changes in the kind of play on the table. Remember that any changes should trigger the shift in your winning strategy.
  7. Playing in every form of poker you know. This isn’t so bad if you are winning but if you are losing a lot of money, you have to find your niche where you can excel. Look for the kind of game that suits your style.
  8. Pushing too hard to win. You have to take control if you always find yourself forcing issues with your good cards against an environment of straights and flushes. If it does not look good, you should let it go.
  9. Failing to clue in on various poker tells from your opponents.

What are Poker Tells?

The conventional poker wisdom says that there is not such thing as online poker tells. It is hard to argue when you think about it since you do not see your opponent, do not hear their voices, or see their hands trembling when betting. You just cannot.

Those who play a lot of poker online though will tell you that there are reliable tells online. Here are some of them:

Timing Tell

Hesitations give away people when playing poker. Watch out for the timing of the players in the online poker room. Look for the players who has oscillating pace which somehow covers up the real nature of their cards. You should never oscillate and always spend the same time on acting on your cards when it is your turn.

False Stalling

When someone tries to stall, they want you to think that he or she is thinking hard and having a tough decision to make. You will encounter a lot of online poker players like this but as a general rule treat the other players as kosher until you have proven hat they are tricky.


You will encounter yammer heads in online poker rooms. How they chat is their way of venting out the experiences they are going thru. You will get a lot from what people are saying in chat. The chat box is your way to their state of mind and the state of their skills against you.


Things go fast during a poker online game. It is easier to notice patterns in the style of play of someone. Look at the button which will rotate quick in a few minutes. See if they will be raising from the button a lot of times so you will know that he does not have strong hands so you can re-raise and you will see that most likely he will fold.

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