Poker 101 Advice for New Players

So you are a novice in the field of online poker. There are chances that you are skills are still questionable and there are too many dubious moments. If these symptoms are applicable to you then this article will give you valuable poker beginner tips on how to become a master of the game.

When in a mood to play online poker, make it sure that you have at least five to six hours on hand. You might be thinking that why I am suggesting so.

The reason is that when you are on a winning spree, you must capitalize on that. A smooth patch of three to four hours can considerably increase your earnings. The same rule albeit in reverse applies to failure too. When you know you are passing through tough times, end the game as quickly as possible.

The second tip is not go on a drinking spree while playing. It is well understood that initial wins might put you in a mood to celebrate. But remaining sober and in your senses is very important. Not getting too intoxicated is crucial to your winning.

There are many people who have made online poker their part time or full time career. For such people who have comparatively lower outdoor activities must concentrate on their diet. Food full of fats and refined oil can make you sluggish and experiments have shown that continuous binging on such food can lower your mental faculties. Your concentration levels also drop due to unhealthy ready to cook food. If you follow such a diet, then try changing it. You will see the change in your mood and concentration immediately. You will become more energetic and positive in your attitude which directly corresponds to more money in your pocket.

For starters it is always advisable to start with smaller sites. You might question that why not to start with bigger ones and have huge earnings. This question is earnest but the fact that smaller sites have less experienced and adept people cannot be ignored. Though not so popular sites would have fewer games and still fewer rewards but beginners can try their hand initially and once adept can switch over to bigger ones. Initially if you start with bigger and famous websites you will encounter the best and most expert sharks from round the world. Loosing initially can become quite discouraging so it is better to gain mastery and then come to face the bigger gladiators in the field.

It is advisable to take notes of your initial session and keep a measure of your strength and weakness. While playing you can take quick look at these notes of yours, this approach will prevent you from further faltering.

Initially the best option is to play with virtual money and against virtual players. Also ensure that the site you are playing on is registered and keeps a tab on all the players. To keep a check on all the players and regularly monitor their activities is very important. So make it sure that your site performs this action well.

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